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Martel Enterprises provides quality topsoil and soil mixes to landscapers, home owners, property managers and contractors in Edmonton, AB. Used for everything from lot grading, sodding, planting trees and shrubs to septic mounds or reclamation.   

Here is a list of our products and uses.

Unprocessed Topsoil

    This soil comes straight off the stockpile. It may have lumps, rocks, roots etc. as it has not been screened.

It can be used for reclamation, pre grading, or any application where a clean finish is not necessary. 

Screened Topsoil

    This soil has been screened through a half inch screen. It is easy to work with and is excellent for lot grading and sodding.

Garden Mix

    This soil mix is our Screened topsoil mixed with Sand and Peat moss, 3 soil-1 sand -1 peat ratio. With these amendments the soils water retention and aeration is greatly improved. It is great for planting trees and shrubs or for lawn enthusiasts .

Premium Garden mix

    This amazing mix contains 1 part Soil, 1 part Sand and 1 part Peat moss / Compost. This rich mixture provides superior water retention, aeration and workability. Its primary uses are for starting a new vegetable garden, flower garden or adding to existing tree and shrub beds.

​- Compost

   This peat moss based compost is extremely light and fluffy. it has unparalleled water retention and workability. It is great for potted plants, amending your existing garden soil or top dressing your lawn.